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Photoset for Kiro’s childhood from my PDL edition Tomodachi Life(๑>◡<๑)
The offspring system is so cute in this game! So many warm family moments~ Let’s ignore the part how kids are born okay

Yes of course he’s still Konn’s and Mikan’s kid in the game, it’s not like he is adopted you know :Uc

Whew, so tired from going out today... Oops I have done nothing for the final round today again ono;

Ahh Easter is much more distracting than what I have thought @u@\ So many fun events and activities to join!

But nooooo I must find some time to stay at home and at least finish the drawing parts for R6 /;w;/ But today still gotta get out and do some actual sport (coughbikingcough) ahhh




Phaha I can’t resist to make a Tomodachi Life version out of this x3 

MV here!

Yeah Randall’s right, Shinchi definitely has the potential for being a future star ‧★,:*:‧( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★*

beefybidoof replied to your post: Wah I can’t even draw a washing machin…

It honestly looks consistent to me! Keep at it! C:

Ahh thank you ;w;/ Maybe I actually stared at it too long haha />w<\

Wah I can’t even draw a washing machine consistently (つД`) ╯︵┴─┴

The original cast and style test for my PDL round 6. But then everything changed, and I ended up only slightly keeping the color scheme at the end owo\

Konn: Alison: Alison:

Haha I really liked this scene about Konn and Alison having a fight! They eventually apologised to each other and awww those expressions are so cute (๑>◡<๑)  Let’s ignore how OOC this games is okay

The PDL Miis wishes  a happy birthday!╰(*°▽°*)╯
Hope you had a nice one with food and happy times :3’c

Trying to draw Mikan with the current color scheme I’m using for the R6 scenes! I probably would change some of the colors at the end to distinguish the different scenarios, but at least it’s good to know that it’s possible to use the same colors atm owo;\

Hmm yeah I guess this is pretty realistic about what Mikan would be doing when she’s being really angry Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ Being super violent and having flames all around, yes 

 Paper poppies

Tried to doodle something (more serious) with my current lineless style used for the R6 art. I have been wanting to draw paper poppies in uncanny situations since like after R1, but haven’t really find a suitable chance until now owo\ This could be another version for the final scene in Round 5 huehue~

btw I read that in Chinese mythology, poppies are named after Beauty Yu because they bloomed all over the place where she suicided for her lover. Such ominous blood red flowers >w>;

Huehue yes I managed to get Mikonn in my shippy game for real already! They are so cute when being OOC huehue~ 

There were still some in-character moments like, the two going to China for honeymoon though <3 (Er they really are supposed to have Chinese backgrounds :Uc)
Also the last one is Konn cooking food while Mikan just sitting around and reading newspaper at home. This one is so realistic I don’t even |D

Only less than three weeks left for PDL Round 6, and I only managed to get the thumbnails done… It’s around 73 “keyframes” for now, I’m so gonna be sleep deprived for this (つД`) And maybe cut out some scenes, but ahh I have no idea how to do it without making my plot becomes fractured…

Also I feel that I’m way too interested in researching information about how to draw hospital scenes (because somehow it’s included in the canon plot that our characters have to fall into comadose huh :Uc).

I feel like I’ve already spend total of 9+ hours just to read and find photos/screenshots from tv dramas and animes about comatose patients /@v@;\ I even ended up watching a couple of nurse videos about how to insert catheters and determine brain death. I probably really should have taken a nurse profession and earn more money  (´・ω・`)